by Hey Karen

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just take your index finger and your thumb, and form a gun.

equipment used: Logic Pro X running on Apple Macbook, Shure microphones, Yamaha keyboards, Korg synthesizer, Akai controller, Audiotechnika headphones, Logitech speakers, accessories by Logitech, Creative, Thomson, Labtec, Apple, Microsoft, Sony and HTC.


released April 4, 2015

all songs written, performed, mixed, mastered and produced by Hey Karen, except where noted. recorded in stereo at A1 from december 2012 to march 2015. vocals recorded at Reco Studio Warsaw in march 2015.

released and distributed by Numbers/Letters. 2015 (CC-BY-NC-SA)




Hey Karen Eindhoven, Netherlands

Hey Karen is an alias for Bartek Urban, who creates electronica, synthpop, and industrial - the stuff that both melts your heart and your brain.
Home recordings and lo-fi aesthetic aren't necessarily a bad thing, since he believes the feeling is more important. A full scope of that feeling can be seen in his audiovisual live shows, which he regularly performs since 2011.
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Track Name: Samizdat
i’m bored and i feel useless
now everything seems wrong
and you’re still asking
why i never want to write you a song

the answer is so simple
because you are a lie
you’ve done so much to crush me
yet i’ve managed to survive

now i can see it clearly
you’ve wrecked me for so long
and that is why i’ll never ever
ever write you
a song
Track Name: Serial self-harm inflictor
hey you
what do you hold in your hand
i hope you understand
what i was
who i am
and always been
what do you know about me
you see
all superficial things
all the colors
all the flavors
but you forget why you’re here
i wanna make this clear
that you exist
because of what i resist
and it’s all
about me
it’s all about me
it’ll always be me
and it’ll always be me

hey you
can you hear me
through static and noise
in your head
Track Name: Schrödinger's me
it was so simple, as most stories are
it isn’t rocket science when it comes to faithful hearts
as always i was lighting up the fire
that would spread around and burn all my desires
but the glow inside made me feel so lost
i left myself somewhere in the dust
well nothing seems to fit in this box
except ticking clocks

we all are a dream of a drunken god
the particles keep crashing in
i will give in

you’d feel so stupid watching in reverse
all of the crazy shit that he made you rehearse
you practice all the moves and the steps
while he spoon-feeds you with a daily dose of meds
the counter ticks, atoms fall apart
forming structures resembling my broken heart
just take your index finger and your thumb
and form a gun

to absolve the world, eliminate yourself
keep crashing in
you will give in
we all are a scheme of a vengeful god
the particles are crashing in
i will give in

to absolve the world, eliminate yourself
just take your index finger and your thumb
and form a gun

i believe in our lord and savior jesus christ
but who will guide my heart when i let him guide my mind
we are slaves of dead gods that we create
the particles keep crashing in
Track Name: As wasted as it is
my head has come undone
i am not a special one
in fact i never mattered more
than all of those that came before
i thought i could control
your life but now i feel so small
the path you took, the lonely road
it’s best for you to get this solved

and all the people, they knew from the start
how wicked and how ugly could be my unraveled heart
they said that I don’t fit and I cannot argue with this
it’s best for me to leave it as it is

you said you couldn’t deal
with all the monsters that you feel
eroding my insides
the ones that always made you cry
you said you have to leave
you left me with no air to breathe
how can i restore your faith
if it’s just too little too late

and all your friends, they frowned upon me
they said all this nasty stuff about me
turns out they’re right and what do I make of this
it’s best to let it all stay the way it is

now I’m alone
I’m not here
tears in my eyes
but my mind is clear
you have escaped
without a kiss
it’s best to leave my broken heart
as wasted as it is
Track Name: Pivot
this thing i feel inside of me
this haunting inconsistency

small dot of light crawls out of me
perimeters withholding
i’m no longer controlling
these little sparks from my fingertips

i’ve been away for more than i could say
you wouldn’t even recognize my face
veins of optic fiber
pushing me further

this thing i feel inside of me
this haunting inconsistency

is it ok with you
that i’m no longer flesh and bones?
my body corrodes

is it ok with you
that i’m not what you wanted me to be?
i break so easily
so don’t confide in me
Track Name: David Bowie
i am afflicted by what you have been saying to me
i feel so dumb i didn’t see it coming through
are you sure you’ve never meant any harm to me
when you are slowly killing me right now

all those flashes from your lashes, they are burning my tongue
you can hear all the cracks in thin ice
just to think that all i need is a touch of your warmth
i’m really asking for no more, no less

cuts that mark my fingers used to guide you straight to my heart
but now this map is no use at all
then what more can i say for you to understand
that i desperately need your help

help me get back what i had
help me be someone again
i know it’s up to you

help me crawl out of that cave
scream out loud my own name
help me find the right way

all i see is ruin where once i used to be
yeah i see nothing that would make me stay
i know it’s kinda hard to be the one that’s left out
so i’ve been told by the voice in my head

i can smell the memories pouring out of your open mouth
but something ugly is standing in my way
half the time i am the man you want me to be
the rest is what i try to save of myself
Track Name: The air we breathe
we sit alone
everything is dark and we are on display
we’re just a show
where people can control our thoughts
and move our limbs
we have no other place to go
i told you so

you brush your hair
sitting on the edge of bed we used to share
i look away
and pray to god to take me out of here
it hurts just seeing you
in such a perfect shape
a happy face

what do you want
how long will you punish me for my mistakes
mistakes i make
i made amends to please you
but you have never noticed
all of my suffering
the pain i take

we used to think
what we have is special, now it’s thrown away
i’ve been replaced
i’m no more than disposable
that you keep under your sink
what do you think?

we sit alone
not knowing all the right words, what do i say?
how do you feel?
this shouldn’t be the last time
that’s how it seems
our souls are wretched and our bodies
are just debris

the air we breathe
is the only thing that’s keeping me awake
it can’t be fake
i only wanted to belong
to someone else
who’d keep me close and let me in
so please just stay
Track Name: Open up
...can anyone hear me?
Track Name: Are you still here
i remember what you used to say
that everything is gonna be ok
i’m not ok, you made me feel this way
i’m not ok

i recall the smell of summer days
when we were so happy in many ways
i disappear, but are you still here?
i’ll disappear, will you leave me here?
Track Name: OK
collecting the pieces
that form me into mortality
the lampshade, the cherry tree
it’s always a part of me

don’t question my motives
it’s always been a pleasure
to be your songbird
to make me exposed

my teeth are my armor
they keep out bad memories
no matter where i’m going
i’m keeping you with me