by Hey Karen

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there's no shame in justifying of who's the lamb and who's the lion.


released July 9, 2018

all songs written, performed, mixed, mastered and produced by Hey Karen

recorded in stereo from July 2017 to June 2018

album art by Hey Karen

2018 © Numbers/Letters. NUM007


all rights reserved



Hey Karen Eindhoven, Netherlands

Hey Karen is an alias for Bartek Urban, who creates electronica, synthpop, and industrial - the stuff that both melts your heart and your brain.
Home recordings and lo-fi aesthetic aren't necessarily a bad thing, since he believes the feeling is more important. A full scope of that feeling can be seen in his audiovisual live shows, which he regularly performs since 2011.
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Track Name: Power
i thought i was ready
to take it all in
i thought it was easy
to shed my own skin

but now
i have to give it all up
but now
i have to make it all stop

i thought i was stronger
that i would be fine
i thought i can breathe in
and cross that line

but now
i have to fight for it still
but now
i’m going in for the kill

but now
i have to give it all up
but now
i have to make it all stop
Track Name: Rósar
i found the strength to say this now
after years of crying shame
the wounds i had seem to be healed
cause now i found my way again

a little twinkle of starlight
has made the raging waves subside
my rabbit heart has opened up
into the wind i throw myself with everything i got

the minutes now are in the air
the glow of time is spreading everywhere
embracing warmly all the space
you made the planets move to make a place for us to live

the way our lips combine i won't let go
the warm embrace that speaks to me

the roses in the breath of a sleepless night
i'll never let this get away

i found myself in you again
i wanna feel you close to me
Track Name: Lion
now is no time for running
now you have got to get it
commence your operations
promise you won't regret it
you've waited for that moment
hidden behind the shadows
dreaming of something better
of green magnetic meadows
leaning towards the future
but trapped inside your past
how long did you think
those empty promises would last
promise you won't regret it
getting way ahead of
all of those people
that have burned a mark
right on your forehead

it’s liberating
to be away from haters
to stay in your lane
commence your operations
why waste your time
those people never loved you
eating your insides
fucking up all your stories
remove yourself
don't drink their dirty posion
they wouldn’t spare
you a thought any longer
its better this way
it’s so electrifying
there’s no shame in justifying
of who’s the lamb and who’s the lion

there’s no shame in justifying
of who’s the lamb and who’s the lion